Top Performances Black Trophy 50cc - 70cc


The family of TopPerformances Trophy conversion kits, characterized by cast ironcylinder Minacrom additive chromium, is very appreciated by the fansof scooter elaboration because of the outstanding quality of thematerials used, which results in excellent reliability, and highpower output.

However, the Top Performances technicians neverlower the shot and have decided to update the 50cc and 70 cc kits, 40, 47 and 48mm of bore, for Piaggio and Minarelli air-cooled and water cooledengines, with an important technical innovation. The piston, in fact,will be provided with an antifriction treatment made of molybdenumdisulfide. This treatment allows to get many benefits, includingimproved smoothness, reduced friction, reduced risk of seizure inextreme conditions and reduction in the duration of the run-in. Allthis translates into an improvement in the overall efficiency andreliability: features always essential in a Top Performances project.The kits are distinguished from the classic ones thanks to a newpackage.